Peace of mind within reach. With the Atlas ATLOCK™ Series, improve speed and efficiency while eliminating cost and safety concerns. A combination of performance and safety, the Atlas ATLOCK™ Series Door Interlock Switch is a electromechanical device made to provide the peace of mind when operating accessibility equipment.

Indoor & Outdoor

Long Service Life

Snap Action Switch

24 VDC


Easy to install - fast

With our qualified technicians, your ATLOCK Door Interlock can be installed quickly and safely.

The right ATLOCK for every application

The ATLOCK is versatile and able to find into any new or existing configuration.

Peace of mind

Manufactured in North-America, it meets CSA-B613-00 and CSA-B355-15 standards

Durable and Long Life

Rated for -40°C to 85°C temperature rating, coupled with 1,500,000 cycle contact endurance, the ATLOCK can be installed in various climates for a long time!


1 500 000 cycles
DVE Certified
Service life
10 years
-40°C to 85°C
Silicon Boot
Reversible - Right and left-handed configuration
CSA B355, CSA B613, CSA B44, CSA B44.1, ASME A17.1, ASME A18.1

Simple and secure

The ATLOCK provides simple and secure runway and landing unlocking. This give you the peace of mind when operating your mobility and accessibility products. The ATLOCK comes standard with a barrel key landing unlock. Optional barrel key runway unlock available.

Quick turnaround time

In addition to a compact and rugged design, the VISTA has a quick turnaround time from ordering to manufacturing to arriving on site. Depending on the configuration and options selected, the production time and delivery can be complete in as little a 2 weeks.

The highest safety standards

In addition to a meeting high safety standards, the VISTA also features an automated underpan dectetion system,. This prevents the car from advancing in the event of an obstaslce in the travel. ou can also presse the emergency button located on the Control Operating Panel inside of the car to stop the VISTA during an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Atlas VISTA Platform Lift cost?

Prices of a platform lift vary and depend on a number of different things. Our platforms come in standard sizes and in custom-made. The price is determined by many different aspects and options which our trained staff and sellers will asses before providing you with an accurate quote.

How long does it take to install an Atlas VISTA Platform Lift?

It takes less than a day to install your Vista Platform Lift! Enclosed VISTA Platform Lift can take longer to install, but any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. After installation is complete, your Certified Atlas Installer will make sure the platform lift is tested thoroughly, and demonstrate all the features and operation.

I have a disability. Is the Atlas VISTA Platform Lift suitable for me?

All Atlas products have been designed with you in mind and to ease difficulty with many disabilities; why not contact us today to talk through your needs and the options available to you.

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