The Atlas AR-130 Model is equipped with the quietest drive type available that offers a comfortable run: A cable and drum mechanism. Also offers one of the smallest footprint of the industry

Traction Cables

750 lbs

24 FPM

Up to 23 feet


Easy to install - fast

With our qualified technicians and short delivery times, your elevator can be installed quickly and safely.

The right elevator for your home or building

The closed shaft platform lift allows for a gentle vertical travel of up to 4 floors.

Peace of mind

Manufactured in North-America, it meets CSA-B613-00 and CSA-B355-15 standards.

Simple integration

Integration is quick and simple as a result of not needing a mechanical room, drain or overhead clearance.


Traction Cables
Max. Capacity
Up to 750 lbs (340 kg)
Max. Travel
Up to 276 inches (433 inches Commercial)
travel speed
24 fpm (0.12 m/s)
4 inches (25 mm)
24 VDC (Optional 120 VAC)
CSA B6130-00 & B355-09 & ASME 18.1

Small footprint design

The AR-130 is a compact and powerful lift designed indoor use in both residential and commercial applications. Without the need for a mechanical room, drain or over head It provides the user with a seamless and safe experience. With no need for

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a mechanical room?

Prices of an AR-130 vary and depend on a number of different things. Our elevators are personalized and custom-made to fit your needs. The price is determined by many different aspects and options which our trained staff and sellers will asses before providing you with an accurate quote.

How long will it take to install AR-130?

On average, it takes a day to install your AR-130. Longer travel can take longer to install, but any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. After installation is complete, your Certified Atlas Installer will make sure your AR-130 is tested thoroughly, and demonstrate all the features and operation.

I have a disability. Is the AR-130 suitable for me?

All Atlas products have been designed with you in mind and to ease difficulty with many disabilities; why not contact us today to talk through your needs and the options available to you.

Quick turnaround time

In addition to a compact and user-friendly design, the AR-130 has a quick turnaround time, from ordering to manufacturing to arriving on site. Depending on the customization and options selected, the production time and delivery can be completed in as little a 2 weeks.

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The highest safety standards

In addition to a meeting high safety standards, the AR-130 features interlock switches that prevent the cab from opening while in transit. With ample lighting and anti-slip flooring, you can travel smoothly ans safely. In addition to a phone, there is an emergency button inside of the car to stop the AR-130 during an emergency.

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