Atlas 100

The Atlas 100 is an entry-level Straight Stairlift that is synonymous with comfort and reliability, thanks to its tried and proven maintenance-free drive system. While the Atlas 100 is primarily designed as a basic stairlift option, it still maintains many important features of the Atlas Stairlift line.


Up to 360 lbs

18 FPM

110 VAC


Easy to install - fast

With our qualified technicians, your stairlift can be installed quickly and safely.

Affordability in mind

The Atlas 100 model is made to measure and a great option if you're looking for a basic, low cost stairlift.

Peace of mind - safety a priority

Manufactured in North-America, it meets CSA-B613 B355-15, ASME 17.1, ASME 18.1

Simple integration

The measurements of your stairs are taken so that the stairlift fits snugly as possible to your staircase. That means more room for everyone else to use the stairs easily.

Basic Parameters

Drive System

Rack and pinion

Maximum Travel

Up to 114 feet (34.75 cm)

Codes & Regulations

CSA B6130-00, B355-09 & ASME 18.1

Rail System

Steel Tubing

Travel Speed

18 fpm (0.09 m/s)


Control pod operated with a light touch

Maximum Capacity

Up to 360 lbs (165 kg)


100 - 240VAC 50/60 Hz

Key Features

Ideal for tight spaces

The Atlas 100's small footprint means it can fit into tight staircases and swivel onto upper landings with a door at the top, even if space is limited.

Safety Sensors

The Atlas 100 has safety sensors on the side of the carriage and beneath the footrest, which means the stairlift will stop if it encounters an obstruction or obstacle.

Ergonomic Controls

The Scout is operated by an intuitive, ergonomic hand control which can be operated with any part of the hand or wrist. It also comes with two remote controls, allowing you to call it from another floor.

anti-Slip Footrest

The Atlas 100 footrest carpeting prevents slips when getting in and out of the chair. You can always feel confident stepping onto the sturdy footrest. The footrest also can be folded away when the stairlift is not in use.

Seat Height Options

For maximum comfort and safety, the seat can be adjusted to your height during installation. We’ll make sure everything is positioned perfectly, so you’ll never have to worry about it!


The Atlas 100 is fitted with a diagnostic window on the carriage, below the seat. Problems can be easily troubleshoot using the number code in the window. We’ll give you a key for the codes during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Atlas 100 Stairlift cost?

Stairlift prices vary and depend on a number of different things. Our Atlas 100 is custom-made to fit your unique staircase design. The price is determined by many different aspects and options which our trained staff and sellers will asses before providing you with an accurate quote, contact us today

How long does it take to install an Atlas Stairlift?

It takes less than a day to install your Atlas 100 Stairlift! After installation is complete, your Certified Atlas Installer will make sure the platform lift is tested thoroughly, and demonstrate all the features and operation.

I have a disability. Is the Atlas Stairlift suitable for me?

All Atlas products have been designed with you in mind and to ease difficulty with many disabilities; why not contact us today to talk through your needs and the options available to you.

The highest safety standards

In addition to a meeting high safety standards, the Atlas 260 also features an automated seat sensor that only allows travel if someone is sitting on it. The stairlift also features a lap seat belt and safety edge on the footrest that stops the stairlift should it come in contact with any obstacles.

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